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Trust & Estate Planning
Whether you are a wage or salary earner, business owner, single or in a relationship, or retired, our lives are full of risks – ranging from creditors' risk and directors' risk to personal de facto partners' risk, to name only a few.

Risk management has become a hot topic in recent years. One of the tools that could curtail against risk exposure is the use of trusts.

A well set up and properly run trust can be an effective tool to help protect your assets, minimise risk exposure and dovetails with your overall estate planning.

Despite the abolishing of estate duty many years ago, estate planning is still an integral part of our lives. It is more than just a simple personal will given our current complex family ties and relationships.

Tax Smart has ample experience in using trusts as an asset protection and estate planning vehicles.

Whilst leaving your lawyer or trust specialist to draft trust deed, Tax Smart will:
  • Help you to identify risk areas
  • Identify assets & investments that best suit trust ownership structures
  • Review you overall tax planning objectives for both pre & post trust formation
  • Assist and advise you on trans-generational trust to ensure your wishes & preferences for future generations are considered

If you want to find out more regarding our trust and estate planning services, please contact Scott White at or on 09-630-5222

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