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Annual Financial Statements & Income Tax
We prepare annual financial statements and income tax returns for a large number of clients with our speciality being in, but not limited to, investment property and professional owner operated consultancies.

We have well tested and simple procedures which each year assist in the collection from our clients of year end data for the completing of their financial statements. We have strong internal systems in place to ensure you financial statements are prepared in accordance with the Income tax Act and correct reporting standards.

We encourage client meetings with the aim being to discuss your financial position so you can gain a better understanding of your business and taxation affairs.

Rental Properties

Property investment is a business and must be treated like one. Whether residential or commercial, a new property investor is now 'in business.'


Our Services

We specialise in the area of property, including acting for property investors, we also act for a large number of individuals and businesses outside of the property sector.


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