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Refinancing and Restructuring of Property Affairs

Getting both the ownership structure and the financing right has a huge impact on the performance of your property portfolio.

Who or what should own your investment property?
  • You personally, or both of you?
  • A partnership and what should the % interests be: 50:50, 70:30, 90:10 or some other %?
  • A company and what should the % shareholding be: 50:50, 70:30, 90:10 or some other %?
  • Should the company have LTC (Look Through Company Status) or not? – Especially after considering the recent tax changes.

Structuring your loans, fixing interest rates and offering securities can be challenging even for experienced investors.

We have extensive experience in restructuring and refinancing property have strong relationships with other professionals that can assist in making the plan happen.

We offer one on one consultation to assist clients in making this process easier.

If you would like to find out more regarding refinancing and restructuring please contact Scott White as below.

For more information on our tax residency service please contact Scott White at or on 09-630-5222

Rental Properties

Property investment is a business and must be treated like one. Whether residential or commercial, a new property investor is now 'in business.'


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We specialise in the area of property, including acting for property investors, we also act for a large number of individuals and businesses outside of the property sector.


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